Free asset labels to track all your gear


We are sending you a starter pack with labels (real ones) that you can stick on and hang off of your gear so that you can instantly identify, check in or check out equipment anywhere with a quick scan of the QR tag.


What's included?

This kit includes over 50 labels, such as:
• key tags
• cable labels
• dot labels
• tiny labels

With these tags you can instantly identify, check in and check out equipment with a quick scan of the QR tag. Use these tags in combination with Cheqroom's free 7- day trial.


Test before you decide

We realize committing to an equipment management tool without testing out its full potential is tricky. That's why we are giving away 50 Cheqroom asset label starter packs that let you use the tool for free for 7 days. Then, you can make an informed decision.


Equipment Management without the hassle

We are confident that Cheqroom will make your life as an equipment manager easier. Whether it's tracking AV equipment to know where it is at all times, labeling it to avoid losses, or scanning the QR code to have more information on the gear you're holding. It's all possible. We want you to try it firsthand, no strings attached.


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